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BottleMark: Bierkast and LA Ale Works

Some folks love beer so much, they can’t have just one cool beer project—they need two. Such is the story of Kip Barnes, a founding member of both Bierkast and L.A. Aleworks.

Bierkast began as a group of beer lovers and exploded into a blog of tremendous energy. It’s the kind of site that puts 99.9% of bloggers to shame—yours truly not withstanding. While it chiefly spotlights personalities and events in the Los Angeles beer world, Bierkast offers its readers much more than that. It’s slick, it’s entertaining, it’s wide-ranging, it’s personal. It’s passion on a webpage.

via BottleMark: Bierkast and LA Ale Works.

Nice shout-out on the BottleMark Blog (needs more WP) for my friends John and Kip for Bierkast (where I sometimes contribute) and Los Angeles Ale Works. Incidentally, my wife designed both of those sites!


Yes We Can: White House releases homebrew recipes

Our petition was successful! Earlier this morning the White House released the recipes to their White House Honey Ale and White House Honey Porter.


I’ve gone ahead and added created the recipes in BeerSmith and let me tell you, the president & co like to get *messed up*. If you follow the recipe to a T you end up with something like a ~11.7% ABV beer. In reality (and after watching the Inside the Whitehouse video), I think they’ve omitted a few steps. I’ve tried to correct what I believe they left out (namely water and flavor hop additions), to bring the recipes more in line to typical beer recipes.

Without further ado, here are the recipes in BeerSmith and generic BeerXML formats.

White House Honey Ale

White House Honey Ale recipe

White House Honey Porter

White House Honey Porter recipe

Bierkast Relaunch

My buddy Kip, proprietor of beer enthusiast blog Bierkast, recently relaunched on WordPress with a sweet redesign by my wife. I think it’s pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

Hello, everyone! Bierkast has been on the quiet side lately, mainly because we have been working on migrating the site over to WordPress to allow us more freedom and flexibility.  The site has been, for many years, an iWeb creation, but it’s very static and everything is funneled through me.  I’m hoping that with the new layout and WordPress format we will be able to increase both the number of contributors and followers.  Special thanks goes to J.J. Springer for her great web design skills and WordPress knowledge.  She has been integral in this migration process.  Thanks J.J.!

via Bierkast’s New Look – June Update.