Who has two thumbs and is excited about RE 5? *this guy*


Just got word from GameFly yesterday that they've shipped Resident Evil 5. I remember being blown away when RE 4 came out on GameCube a few years ago, and while I don't expect the same kind of paradigm shift, I'm pretty pumped for the co-op in 5.

Also, for anyone interested, a full Resident Evil 5 walkthrough is being created *right now* over at Mahalo.com. In it you'll find the locations of all of the BSAA Emblems. These collectible items are needed in order to unlock some of the extra content, like the unlockable costumes. Also, there's unlockable characters which can be obtained by getting good end-level grades.

Finally, you can check out gameplay videos over at MahaloGaming.com in our Resident Evil 5 videos category. Color me PUMPED!


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