How-to bonanza. Or: spa party, anyone?


Sometimes I forget how many rad How-Tos Mahalo hosts, but sometimes I’m asked to pull up stats on which ones are generating the most traffic and I’m typically amused at which ones are the hottest. So, in no particular order, here are some of the hottest how-tos at Mahalo right now.

The how-tos for getting a free credit report and getting out of debt are especially popular for obvious reasons, but the how-to for throwing a spa party still has me scratching my head.


For Reference

Remember earlier when I posted this hilarious mashup?

Here's the f'reals version–try to watch this one *without* imagining Lil' Jon!

Do you care about the Grammys?


I certainly don’t, but the good news is that if *you* do, Mahalo has you covered! We’ve broken down all the various bits of, uh, “Grammy stuff” so you can check out all the freshest deets! RAD!


Here’s some more cool stuffs for y’all (that I don’t really care about): NBA All-Star Game + Daytona 500. RAD!

Microsoft Songsmith: All of the music, none of the soul

This was originally a message my friend Chris Remo sent to me and some friends, but it's so chock-full of goodness I thought I'd pass it along.

For those who don't know, Microsoft recently
released software called Songsmith that will automatically generate backing
music against a vocal track. You're supposed to sing into it, but some people
just fed existing vocal tracks back into their computer to see what Songsmith
would do.

Here are some of the most amazing and hilarious
ones. The best ones are the ones that actually fit, but in a totally different
way to the original music. There are always some moments that don't sync up
harmonically, but these are relatively solid:

White Wedding:

Eye of the Tiger:

Take On Me: (This one is pretty bad for the first
40 seconds or so, but it turns into one of my favorites)

We Will Rock You: (In addition to being goofy as
shit, I love how the music adds new harmonic context to the chanting

Buddy Holly (the Weezer song, not the