Bierkast Relaunch

My buddy Kip, proprietor of beer enthusiast blog Bierkast, recently relaunched on WordPress with a sweet redesign by my wife. I think it’s pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

Hello, everyone! Bierkast has been on the quiet side lately, mainly because we have been working on migrating the site over to WordPress to allow us more freedom and flexibility.  The site has been, for many years, an iWeb creation, but it’s very static and everything is funneled through me.  I’m hoping that with the new layout and WordPress format we will be able to increase both the number of contributors and followers.  Special thanks goes to J.J. Springer for her great web design skills and WordPress knowledge.  She has been integral in this migration process.  Thanks J.J.!

via Bierkast’s New Look – June Update.

My wife (mostly) and I have started a new blog about our efforts to move back to San Diego. Oh boy!

San Diego Homesteaders

Los Angeles is like an old roommate, when you first get together you are super excited about hanging out together and all the adventures you are going to have. As time goes on though, the little things start to annoy you. For some reason, your expectations of how it’s going to go just don’t match up to the reality.

I am really over LA. All the excitement has been overshadowed by the 2 hours in traffic I have to sit in to get there. Since I no longer work in the entertainment industry, there seems little reason to stay. I think the city is annoying me more because now that I work from home, it seems silly to stay.

I think there is a time in your late 20s and early 30s when you realize life is hard and you want to be closer to your family. Why this thought…

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